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No sector of the supplement industry is growing as rapidly as nootropics. While many products aim to help with physically visible health factors — such as muscles, skin texture and weight — this category aims toward enhancing and optimizing brain function. Some could argue that this is a more important objective than any. Our focus and mental acuity are critical to everything in our daily lives, from productivity at work to social interactions to enjoyment of activities. Today we’ll discuss the best nootropic stack options available and how you can use these herbal supplements to sharpen your mind.

In general, any nootropic capsule or pill is going to work toward boosting cognitive function. But different types can offer varying specific benefits. In some cases, using complementary formulas in combination leads to heightened positive impact. This leads us to our discussion of the best nootropic stack. If you’re interested in maximizing your brainpower, then you should consider utilizing these supplements in combination. First, let’s take a look at why this approach makes sense.

Why Use Nootropics?

For individuals with diagnosable attention disorders, there are prescription smart drugs that can help considerably. But those solutions are unavailable to the majority of individuals. And even if you don’t have ADHD or a similar condition, you might find it difficult to find focus, attentiveness and multi-tasking capabilities on occasion. Maybe even on a daily basis.

To overcome this challenge, some people lean heavily on caffeine. Cup after cup of coffee, or sugary energy drinks, are workplace staples for plenty of folks. The downsides of these stimulants are no secret. Consistent usage has a tendency to lead to jittery feelings, anxiety, stomach issues and sleep problems, among other things. Additionally, in some cases a dependency can form.

Nootropics provide a healthier and safer alternative. They are typically formulated exclusively with natural and herbal ingredients. This reduces the artificial and synthetic impact on your body. The best nootropic stack is one that assists a variety of different mental factors without carrying significant side effects.

Forming the Best Nootropic Stack

Supplement stacking is a common practice within the wellness community. It involves using different products together to enhance or maximize their capabilities. This dynamic is at play with nootropics as well. Different blends can play up one another, thus enabling users to uncover new benefits and positive perks.

A good start to approaching the best nootropic stack involves two core types: choline and piracetam.

Piracetam, a member of the racetams family of nootropics, has a strong rep for supporting cognitive function without acting as a stimulant or sedative. Combining it with choline helps its effects take action more quickly.

Unfortunately, piracetam is presently not available as a supplement in the United States because it has yet to gain approval from the FDA. That could change in the near future. In the meantime, one completely legal and safe blend is caffeine and theanine. These two, in conjunction, can both deliver a vigorous energy boost that sustains and doesn’t come with a subsequent crash.

There are a number of different options out there that are worth trying. Usually, finding the best array is a matter of experimentation and determining what works best for you.

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