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Failing to get enough sleep on a nightly basis is a problem that affects more than half of all Americans. It is pervasive and difficult to effectively treat. It is also quite significant in its negative impact on overall wellness and day to day function. When you aren’t getting adequate rest, your body doesn’t operate at anywhere near its optimal capacity. This manifests in many different forms, including weight management, mental focus, social engagements and more. If you feel like taking artificial ingredients and sleep drugs to address the problem may do more harm than good, then you’re not alone. This dynamic has plenty of people on the hunt for a natural sleep supplement that works. Finding such products is, of course, easier said than done.

Sleeping pills that use artificial ingredients can come via prescription or over the counter. For some people, they do the trick. However, there are a number of sleeping pill side effects should make a person think twice about relying on them. Sometimes these are physical in nature — users occasionally report or burning sensations in the extremities. Sleeping pills can also cause digestive issues, like diarrhea, constipation and changes in appetite. And sometimes there are troublesome alterations to sleep quality and sleep cycles. It’s quite common for users to report more vivid nightmares and lucid dreaming. These drugs can also make it much harder to wake up and gain alertness in the morning. Additionally, daytime drowsiness is frequent.

In efforts to avoid all of these problematic reactions, many people with insomnia or other sleep troubles are turning to a natural sleep supplement. The idea is that by utilizing herbal sleep aid ingredients, you can bypass some of the unnatural and inhibiting side effects. But what should you be looking for in such solutions? Can you find a product that reliably gets the job done? Rest easy, my friends. We’re got all the info you need.

How a Natural Sleep Supplement Works

This can vary depending on the formula and properties that come into play. However, the general premise is usually similar. It’s all about pinpoint plant-based ingredients that affect the brain and body in certain ways. There are plenty of herbal extracts that can offer relaxing and sedative effects without the harshness of pharmaceuticals. This enables natural sleep supplements to deliver a more subtle but healthy impact.

While there are occasionally side effects that connect to these substances and blends, they are far more rare and usually considerably less revere. There is no question that a natural and herbal approach is safer and easier on your physiology.

Common Ingredients in a Natural Sleep Supplement

The most frequent ingredient present in a natural sleep supplement is melatonin. This hormone naturally occurs in the body, produced by the pineal gland, and helps regulate sleep cycles. It is also inherently present in many grains, fruits and plants. Melatonin imbalance is often a factor in difficulty sleeping, supplementing it can be quite helpful with resolving these issues. Additionally, melatonin is tied to benefits such as treating seasonal affective disorder and reducing cluster headaches that occur on a chronic basis.

Another very prominent component of natural sleep supplement blends is valerian root. This herbal propety offers mild sedative effects and also carries benefits as a stress and anxiety reliever. Among other herbal sleep aids are chamomile, mucuna pruriens, and tryptophan. We recommend trying all of these options ahead of drug brands.

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