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It has never been easier to get your hands on games that can help you improve your memory. Today, most of us have a laptop at home, a tablet in our bag or a smart phone in our back pocket. These modern devices give us access to hundreds of games designed to promoted sharper cognitive skills. Sure, you may not become Einstein even if you practice an hour every day for your entire life. But, there is some significant evidence alluding to the possibility of reducing and possibly preventing cognitive decline and brain disease’s such as Alzheimer’s and the like.

The Best Memory Improvement Games

Knowing there is hope is half the battle. But, now that you are aware of the copious amounts of brain-trainers, where do you start? This review presents a list of some of today’s top memory improvement games.


Luminosity is one of today’s most popular brain training games. It is used by over 60 million people globally. This free app is available in both the iOS and Android Play stores. It offers several cognitive and scientific games, adding more all the time. It helps provide a way to stimulate your brain daily and improve your working memory. In addition, it offers you the means with which to strengthen your attention span. It works by training your brain to focus on important things while ignoring things that don’t currently help you achieve your goals.


Dakim is a brain fitness program. It provides access to over 100 brain exercises. The set of games and puzzles provides a comprehensive workout for your brain. All of these are developed to help you enhance your concentration and attention. This training game offers the types of exercises that can help reduce Alzheimer’s and the related symptoms. It is available on the Dakim website for free.


The Clevermind app takes things to a new level. It is specifically designed to help people with Alzheimer’s disease as a opposed to a game of prevention. This app offers more than mental exercises and a collection of games for practice. It actually contains social, medical and dietary features as well. These are provided in an interface that is easy to ready. It even has a digital assistant to speak to you. Clevermind is in the iOS App store for $1.99.

Fit Brains Trainer

If you are looking for a way to improve your focus, memory and brain speed, then Fit Brains Trainer offers help. It does so by offers an overwhelming 360 different games and puzzles. The intelligently designed app actively becomes increasingly difficult to keep up with you and provide constant challenge. To give your brain a positive workout, you can claim it free from Google Play and iOS App store.

Cognifit Brain Fitness

This free app can be ordered free from the iTunes store. Cognitifit Brain Fitness provides users with  a wide variety of fun and well designed games. The games have been developed by neuroscientists, so it has to be decent, you would think. Furthermore, you have a cognitive assessment and track your progress. Feeling like a smarty pants? You can even challenge friends and show off your brain power.

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