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It isn’t exactly breaking news that vitamins are good for you. We’ve known this since we were little kids chomping down chewable multivitamins with our breakfasts. The very word speaks to their beneficial effects on our livelihood: “vita” dervies from the Latin word for “life.” Various vitamins can offer unique advantages for daily health and wellness. Because of this, they are staples in dietary supplements and healthy meal planning. But today we want to cover these nutrients from a specific angle. What are the best brain vitamins, capable of offering meaningful support for cognition and mental function? The depth of positive effects that certain vitamins can offer in this regard may surprise you. And since they all tend to boast health perks expanding beyond this particular one, ensuring that you get your fix is going to be a smart choice.

Vitamins are organic compounds that are critical to organisms in order for them to live and function optimally. These nutrients are assigned generic categorical nomers from the alphabet, but within those categories there are many specific chemicals and compounds. Vitamins can help your body in many different ways, and on the other side, deficiencies can lead to significant health problems. The ones you might be most familiar with are scurvy, resulting from a lack of vitamin C intake, as well as rickets, which can stem from insufficient vitamin D.

Of course, vitamins are crucial to helping out an array of bodily functions. But our look at the best brain vitamins will hone in specifically on those that aid the performance of our central command centers. In order to optimize cognition and reduce neurodegeneration, load up on these properties via supplements or dietary choices.

Best Brain Vitamins

Nearly every type of vitamin can benefit your brain in some way. But the best brain vitamins are those that deliver the most distinct and concrete positive results. These three stand out, and here’s why:

Vitamin C

What It Does: Arguably the most prominent vitamin you’ll find, Vitamin C offers some serious brain boosting benefits. Its most crucial function is assisting with neurotransmitter production. This helps with focus, concentration and memory. Because of its specific impact on serotonin production, it can also help improve your mood and reduce stress.

Where To Get It: Citruis Fruits, Broccoli, Kale, Red Peppers

B Vitamins

What They Do: There are many different vitamins falling under this umbrella, and they include riboflavin, thiamine, niacin, biotin, folic acid and more. Sometimes referred to as the “happy vitamins,” these nutrients are also helpful with neurotransmitter production. They help create balance and boost dopamine and GABA for relaxing effects. Plus, they can boost your energy reinforcing their status as ranking among the best brain vitamins.

Where To Get Them: Poultry, Fish, Eggs, Dairy

Vitamin D

What It Does: We often call it the sunshine vitamin because we can absorb it through exposure to that big old star in the sky. Vitamin D supports healthy skin and is also one of the best brain vitamins. It assists with brain development (especially important in young children) and helps stave off cognitive decline.

Where To Get It: Fortified Foods, Fatty Fish, Egg Yolks, Sunlight

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