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It’s still summertime.  And, there is still a good month and half left of beach-going and…yes, swimsuits.  Nobody likes to squeeze into a bikini when they’re feeling less than their best.  A lot of us try dieting, but it doesn’t work out very well in most cases.  So, which weight loss supplement could you use to actually shed some pounds?  We like to review as many as we can find.  Today’s supplement is Total Garcinia, and we’re going to see how it stands up to our review criteria.

Total Garcinia is the newest Garcinia Cambogia supplement out there.  And, when you’re deciding how good a Garcinia supplement should be, there are a couple things which you should look for.  These criteria include how much hydroxycitric acid (HCA) is available in the supplement.  Plus, you probably want to keep an eye on the price.  Some products come with a free trial option, which can be helpful if you’re wanting to check out new products on a budget.  So, what did we end up thinking about Total Garcinia?  Keep reading the paragraphs below to find out.  Or, if you would rather see our favorite Garcinia product, just hit the button below.


The Science of Total Garcinia Cambogia

Weight loss is not always an exact science, but a lot of the new supplements out there have been the subjects of scientific studies.  And, one ingredient – hydroxycitric acid – has really stood out among the others.  This natural compound, which exists in the rind of the Garcinia Cambogia fruit, helps people lose weight.  The simple science is that HCA boosts serotonin and inhibits citrate lyase.  So, basically serotonin is the chemical in your body that helps regulate your appetite and mood.  And, when serotonin levels are higher, you’re less hungry naturally, and in a better state of mind.  On the other hand, citrate lyase is the enzyme that promotes fat storage.

When you use a good Garcinia Cambogia product, the hydroxycitric acid in the product should help you lose weight, through raising serotonin and lowering citrate lyase.  But, the key is making sure the product contains enough hydroxycitric acid to be effective.  Usually, you want to find a supplement that contains a 60 percent concentration of HCA.  If it has 50 percent or less, there a good chance the supplement won’t be as effective.  Of course, if you already have a Garcinia supplement with less than 50% HCA, you could try to boost its effectiveness with apple cider vinegar.  But, you don’t want to have to resort to that every time.  Now, we didn’t find any indicator of how much HCA Total Garcinia Cambogia contains.  So, it’s hard for us to say whether you should go for it or not.  We turned to the reviews instead to help us determine what other people are saying.

Total Garcinia Testimonials

It was a little disappointing to only find one review that actually talked about this specific product and featured the picture of the product we were looking into.  But, what did this review say about Total Garcinia pills?  It talked about how it can help you lose weight and minimize appetite.  So, things we already knew.  But, it’s hard to say that a product is good based on just one review.  We would suggest you do a little more research before diving into this supplement.

Total Garcinia Free Trial

If you’re the kind of person who likes free trials, you’ll be happy to know that there is a trial available for Total Garcinia.  So, if you did want to try it out, you could do so without dropping the full price right away.  As always, though, be sure that you read the Terms and Conditions just to be sure that you understand how the trial process works.  Otherwise, you can check out our favorite Garcinia product by clicking the button above or the side widgets.  Thanks for reading, and happy supplement hunting!

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