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Out of all the topics I’ve gotten the chance to cover here at NRHQ, this one might be the sweetest. In general, we can all recognize that candy is not a particularly healthy type of food. With all the sugar and empty calories, it is very much a treat, of which we should strictly moderate our intake. Now, this is also true of the item we’ll be covering today, to an extent. However, the dark chocolate health benefits are more significant than you might suspect. Making this rich and tasty cocoa vehicle a top choice for desserts and sweet snacking can yield some very nice dividends.

How so? Let us shine some light on the darkness.

Why is Dark Chocolate Different?

In comparison with other types of chocolate, dark chocolate is more pure, with a higher percentage of cocoa butter and fewer additives. Cocoa, derived from the cocao bean, is a natural earthly substance carrying some of the nutritional advantages you might expect from a plant. What makes traditional sweets like milk chocolate such unhealthy choices is the vastly higher levels of fat and added sugars. In comparison with dark chocolate, milk chocolate has only one fifth the amount of cocoa. So you’re losing many of the beneficial aspects while adding a whole bunch of bad stuff. Dark chocolate health benefits emerge from its featuring of the pure cocao bean.

Of course, this becomes a disadvantage in the eyes of some. Adding all that sugar and fat helps the taste, which is why options like white chocolate, milk chocolate and sweet chocolate tend to be preferable for many. Some consider the taste of dark chocolate to be rather bitter. But many actually prefer the flavor of the darker alternative, and others have moved in that direction over time, citing it as an acquired taste. It it is a taste that you are able to acquire, then you can really extract some nice wellness perks. Not only is this choice less harfmul, but the distinct dark chocolate health benefits actually make it a legitimately nutritious food choice.

A Look at Dark Chocolate Health Benefits

So, just what is it about this tasty treat that makes it such a healthy choice? Let us count a few of the top dark chocolate health benefits:

It’s Full of Antioxidants. Science continues to illustrate that antioxidants are beneficial for skin, weight loss, immune function and a whole bunch of other health factors. Raw, unprocessed cocoa beans are among the most robust sources of antioxidants in the consumable kingdom. No food better unleashes the bean’s antioxidant content than this purest formulation.

It Can Help Lower Blood Pressure. Dark chocolate contains flavanols, which can stimulate the lining of the arteries to activate nitric oxide. This gas assists with improving blood flow and subsequently reducing blood pressure. Nitric oxide is also a potent workout booster so you might gain some benefit in the gym as well.

It Helps Prevent Sun Damage. We cover matters of skin aging quite frequently on this site, and we always emphasize the impact of the sun in this regard. Ultraviolet radiation is the foremost contributor to skin deterioration, and the formation of wrinkles as well as other indicators. Because the flavanols in dark chocolate boost blood to to the skin, they increase hydration and density. That means better protection and less harshness.

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