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Chromium is a chemical element and many of us associate it with its traditional metallic form. You know, that brittle steely silver material. It’s not exactly an appetizing substance and you probably would not think about consuming it in that form. However, chromium is present in many o f the foods we eat. And it’s actually an essential nutrient. We require this mineral in small amounts. If you aren’t aware of the chromium benefits, then now is a good time to familiarize yourself. You should also recognize the potential hazards of getting too much chromium. These are important items of knowledge as people formulate their diets and supplement plans.

The many chromium benefits cover a wide range of different health factors. These can affect a variety of areas, including weight management, brain function, diabetes control, cardiovascular health and more. A chromium deficiency can be problematic. Although the amount that people need is not high, it is somewhat common for people to not get enough. However, it is still important to understand where you can get this mineral from.

Where Can I Get Chromium?

There are a number of foods that you can eat in order to receive chromium benefits. Many of them offer a number of other healthy properties so incorporating them into your diet is a good idea in general. Chromium comes from soil so it exists in many plants that grow from the ground. You can also get it from eating animals that consume those foods. It is naturally present in such dietary choices as broccoli, sweet potatoes, corn, oats, and grass-fed beef. You can also get chromium through supplements that are readily available on store shelves as well as the Web. As mentioned above, chromium deficiency is somewhat common even though we don’t require a particularly large amount. This speaks to the difficulty that some people have getting an ample infusion from their diets.

This is largely because the way much food is prepared and sold today leads to reductions in chromium content. For instance, foods that are genetically modified and processed foods often lose their dosage of the element. That’s why it’s highly advisable to go with organic options and GMO-free products.

What Does Chromium Do?

It plays a significant role, most notably, in regulating blood sugar levels and assisting with the transport of glucose cells by insulin. This property tends to be very important for those with diabetes due to the vital importance of these function with that condition. But chromium benefits people of all stripes, helping reduce the crashes and spikes that connect to blood sugar changes. It also assists with the metabolizing of proteins, fat and carbohydrates, helping you produce more usable energy. And perhaps most notably, it can support your diet and weight loss as a supplement ingredient.

Chromium Benefits for Weight Loss

By helping to control blood sugar, chromium benefits your slimming efforts by reducing cravings and combating body fat. One prominent study found that people taking a 600 mg chromium picolinate supplement experienced significantly fewer carb cravings. We tend to over-consume calories when our blood sugar is low and our body seeks out more.

If you aren’t getting foods into your diet that include chromium, you should consider supplementing and ensuring that you are getting its key benefits.

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