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Before we dive into analyzing the best probiotics for weight loss purposes, let’s gain an understanding of why someone would use this approach. It is necessary to first understand that, within our digestive system — the stomach, the intestines, the colon — there are millions of living microorganisms. If that sounds a little scary, don’t worry. These bacteria are generally helpful and they work to keep things operating cleanly. They can even produce vitamins and nutrients, offering significant health benefits.

What are Probiotics?

Studies show that overweight and obese people have different gut bacteria compositions than individuals within a normal weight range. Specifically, they have more probiotics, which is simply another word for “good bacteria.” This finding opened the door to increasing investigation of the best probiotics for weight loss. Research pinpointed a number of extrememly promising strains that showed significant impact in trials. In combination with the general health benefits that probiotics provide, the rapid weight digestive and weight loss support make this one of the fastest-growing frontiers in the supplement industry.

Many people take probiotics for daily wellness maintenance, even if they’re happy with their shape. But for the purposes of this article we will focus on those that show particular efficacy toward reducing belly fat.

Which are the Best Probiotics for Weight Loss Purposes?

There are two primary groups of probiotics, which we will profile below. Each shows varying levels of proficiency for helping people slim down in a healthy manner. This is because they work with your body’s natural processes to improve digestion and innate metabolic function. It’s a welcome contrast to artificial and synthetic products that can strain your system in unnatural ways.


It’s the most common probiotic and with good reason. It is already naturally present in sizable quantities within the digestive tract but many of us could use more. You can find it within yogurt that includes live cultures, but it may absorb better through supplement form. Evidence suggests that lactobacillus is among the best probiotics for weight loss because it can help reduce fat absorption in the small intestine. One study found that people consuming lactobacillus on a regular basis saw a 3-4 perent reduction in body fat over a six-week period.


Many people use bifidobacterium to help with painful digestive issues like irritable bowel syndrome. It can also be a potent deterrant against diarrhea. A 2006 study showed that this probiotic strain can be helpful toward lowering body fat while helping create a healthy flora in the gut.

Are There Downsides to Probiotics?

So we know that probiotics are generally considered a safe and painless approach to improve gut health and slimming down. But are there side effects? What dangers might you need to worry about if taking a probiotic supplement, or increasing their presence in your diet?

The National Institute of Health suggests that probiotics side effects are exceedingly rare, and mild in nature. People sometimes report stomach discomfort or gas. These typically subside over time but if they don’t you may want to discontinue using probiotics for weight loss and switch to another technique.

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