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If you’ve heard of ketones before, you probably either have diabetes or you know someone with diabetes. Ketones are often touted as a dangerous buildup in the blood due to the inability to produce enough insulin, use insulin properly, or from just not eating enough. However, if you don’t have any of the diabetes, and you eat enough food, you may be able to use ketones for weight loss.
If you don’t have diabetes, and you maintain a low carb diet, you may be able to put your body in its most optimal state to lose weight. Eating a low carb diet lowers your levels of insulin, which allows your body to release fat stores for energy. So, you’ll consume less calories than you expend, allowing your metabolism to boost and burn off excess fat stores.

What Is Ketosis?

Using ketones to lose weight means you’re trying to put your body in a state called ketosis. Basically, this state is when your body is working at an extremely high fat burning rate. But to increase ketone production, the insulin levels in your bloodstream is low. And this is mostly why attempting ketosis can be dangerous for those with diabetes. The lower your insulin levels, the more ketone is able to increase. When the ketone levels are large enough and well-controlled, your body is in the best state possible to burn off fat and keep it from forming.
If you choose to undergo ketosis, it’s best that you have some way of measuring ketones. There are many inexpensive gadgets you can buy to record ketone levels in the comfort of your own home. But also, since ketones are secreted in the urine, you can buy urine sticks from any pharmacy to test your ketone levels. And to be at that optimal level, you want to shoot for 1.5 to 3 mmol/L with the finger pricking tests. Otherwise, follow the directions that come with the urine test sticks.

Signs Your Body Is In Ketosis

Although there are some more unpleasant symptoms of ketosis, such as short term fatigue and performance issues, these go away quickly. For the most part, if you’re in ketosis, you’ll experience symptoms such as:
• Bad/Fruity Breath
• Fast And Significant Weight Loss
• Suppressed Appetite
• Improved Energy And Focus Ability
• Ketone Supplements

Ketone Supplements

Among the most popular weight loss supplements are raspberry ketones. That delicious, fruity aroma of raspberries actually comes from the ketones within the fruit. Basically, this type of ketone breaks fat down within the cell more effectively. And they increase hormones that help to regulate your metabolism.

Surprisingly, you may encounter raspberry ketones in blackberries, cranberries, and kiwis, as well as soft drinks and ice cream. That’s because it’s often used as flavoring in some of your favorite food products. And although raspberry ketones are generally not even extracted from actual raspberries (this process is expensive and unnecessary), you can get them rather safely synthetically. Basically, putting your body in ketosis and supplementing with raspberry ketones are not the same thing. However, you may still lose weight with either of the two.

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