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So, you’ve secured yourself a skin care product that is right for you. Now what do you do? Slather it on every single day? Use it every hour? How the heck are you supposed to treat your skin right? First step, read our guide to popular skincare techniques.

Popular Skincare Techniques

Before you jump right in to using your new skin care product, there are a few things you should consider. First and foremost: if you want healthy skin, you have to eat a balanced diet. Unhealthy, processed foods can be a detriment to your skin quality, whereas certain foods can actually benefit your complexion. A couple of examples of good foods to integrate into your diet are almonds and various fishes (salmon, tuna, halibut, etc.). How does consuming these foods help your skin? Well, they all contain essential fatty acids, the very same acids that are used by your skin to eliminate inflammation, eradicate blotchiness, and tighten up skin sag. A balanced, well-rounded diet will help your skin shine more than you’d think!

Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate

Now that you’ve got a healthy diet all set up, let’s talk about exfoliating your skin. Before you start, it’s important to note that you shouldn’t exfoliate every single day. If you do it too often, then you can actually damage cell growth, which isn’t what you want. It’s wise to exfoliate every now and then, but don’t go overboard.

Anyway, to get started, you’ll need a few things. We recommend a loofah, a gentle cleanser, and some sort of skin care moisturizer. Before stepping into the shower, use your loofah to gently brush your skin. This will loosen up your skin in order to prepare it for exfoliation. After this step, start your shower and get your skin wet (from head to toe.) Now, you’re ready to apply your cleansing product using your loofah. When you scrub, use a circular motion, and be sure to be careful in sensitive areas.

If you’re having trouble reaching certain places (i.e., your back), then perhaps you should think about investing in a body brush. They can be quite useful! Again, while you’re applying the cleanser, be gentle on certain areas. When scrubbing your face, make sure you’re using a product that has been specifically designed for that type of skin. These products are usually more gentle than your average exfoliating cleanser, which is why they’re great for sensitive areas! Done with all of that? Well, you’re not done with everything yet.

Hydrate Yo’self

Exfoliating is a process that can dry out your skin significantly. This is because the exfoliation process can eliminate the fatty acids and natural oils on your skin. Since this is the case, you want to be sure you have a proper skin care moisturizer at the ready after your shower. Once you’ve dried off your body, take your skin cream of choice and apply it all over (or wherever you exfoliated). These moisturizers help to restore those fatty acids and oils, so that your skin can remain smooth and free of irritation.
If you’ve done this all right, you’ll have healthier, more vibrant skin in no time. Remember, don’t exfoliate every single day – set up a schedule so you can get the best results! Use a moisturizing skin cream every day to ensure that your skin is hydrated, and you’ll be well on your way to improving your overall skin quality.


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