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We’ve all taken a minute to look down the immense aisles at our favorite retailer and check in on the anti-aging products.  Sometimes products can look really intriguing, until you turn the label over…and the ingredients list is miles long.  Truly, it can feel a little nerve-wracking to pick a product when you’re not sure that you want those unpronounceable compounds on your face.  But, you do want something that will work.  Well, today we’re taking a look at Essence of Argan, a product that says it can help you look years younger…with one ingredient.

Since Essence of Argan is touted as an anti-aging product, we decided to treat it like we would any anti-aging cream or serum that we’d look at.  So, we went straight to the manufacturer’s site like we usually do.  And, we wanted to see exactly what their claims were, as well as the exact ingredients list and the price.  Of course, we discovered quickly that this product has just one ingredient, so looking into the list was pretty easy.  The question is, can one ingredient really help your skin look years younger?  If you want to see what we discovered about Essence of Argan, keep reading.  Otherwise, check out our favorite skin care product by clicking the button below.


Does Essence of Argan Work?

We were pretty drawn-in by the claims on the Essence of Argan manufacturing site.  On the whole, it was set up much like any regular skin care or anti-aging site.  Even most of the claims looked very much like a normal anti-aging cream.  For example, the site said that Essence of Argan can help you restore radiant skin, and smooth out fine lines.  Well, normally we look for a particular anti-aging ingredient in the product that makes these kinds of claims.  Because, well, you won’t really smooth out lines or make skin firmer with a handful of moisturizer and some fancy throw-ins.  And, we’re usually looking for peptides, ceramides, hyaluronic acid, or some other telltale ingredient that will guarantee you some kind of result.

However, Essence of Argan has just one ingredient: 100 percent pure organic Moroccan Argan oil.  And, we were a little surprised, to say the least.  However, we wanted to see if there was any chance that Argan oil could really help you look younger.  And, as it turns out, Argan oil has a ton of vitamin E and oleic acid, as well as other fatty acids like linoleic and palmitic.  Vitamin E is, of course, a skincare powerhouse and can help keep your skin healthy and happy.  And, while oleic acid alone may clog pores, combining it with linoleic acid (like Argan oil has), may help keep the balance in your skin.  Plus, Moroccans have been using Argan oil for a long time to treat skin conditions and help it healthy.  So, is Essence of Argan going to help you look years younger?  Maybe not.  But, it is good for your skin, and that could naturally keep fine lines at bay.

Do We Recommend Essence of Argan?

If you want to try out this product, you could definitely go ahead and do that.  We don’t think that there’s any need to be wary of Essence of Argan – it is just Argan oil, after all.  The only thing we would say is that you may be able to just purchase Argan oil from a regular retailer or health food store for less of the regular cost.  However, since you can get this product as a free trial, you may find going with Essence of Argan to be more economical, at least if you make sure you don’t get stuck with the full price.  In the end, it’s up to you.  However, if you want to see our favorite anti-aging product (which does have more of the ingredients we normally look for), check out the side widgets.  Happy skincare hunting!

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