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Protein shakes and powders are the primary component of many strength support programs. But many of us are looking for another whey.

Alright, now I’ve met my terrible pun quota for this piece, let’s dive into the actual topic. In all seriousness, there are a number of different methods for boosting workouts and muscle gains that don’t involve using whey protein. There’s no question that protein drinks and similar products can be helpful for many people. But they are not without their downsides.

By and large, quality whey protein powders are expensive. They also frequently contain additives like sugar, sweeteners and oil. This, in turn, means that you’re usually taking in extra calories, sometimes in large quantities. This can run counter to the idea of sculpting your body and shedding extra fat while you add muscle mass.

And the biggest hold-up in whey protein is that it is a dairy byproduct. Those who are lactose intolerant have little choice but to look elsewhere.

If you’re looking for some good whey protein alternatives, we’re here to help. These options work better for many users and offer their own unique advantages.

Whey Protein Alternatives for Building Muscle

Egg Whites

Not only does an egg contain about six grams of pure protein, but also many other helpful nutrients and beneficial properties. These include Vitamins A, E and K, riboflavin and folic acid. Within eggs you will also find a vast assortment of amino acids that support rapid muscle growth and recovery. And while egg yolks contain five grams of fat, the whites are fat-free.

Brown Rice

Not only does rice provide good fuel for our body, assisting with workout endurance, but it also contains the amino acid methionine. It is lacking in some other important amino acids so it shouldn’t be used in isolation but methionine plays a vital role in jump-starting protein synthesis.

Soy Protein

For those who are allergic to milk, or who choose to adhere to a vegetarian diet, soy is an excellent protein source. In terms of impact and digestion rate, it is quite similar to whey protein. It will help your muscle rebuild quickly after a hard workout in much the same way. Plus, soy contains higher levels of isoflavine, which plays an important anabolic role.

Hemp Powder

Not only does organic hemp protein powder include all nine essential amino acids that are critical to strength results, it also includes additional perks. In particular, this plant based protein — which is derived from cannabis but contains none of the illegal psychoactive elements — boasts omega-3 fatty acids and fiber. So in addition to boosting your body-building efforts, it’s also healthy for your heart and filling enough to help reduce caloric intake.

Muscle Supplements

If you don’t want to gulp down egg whites or soy products, supplement capsules are always a simple alternative. There exists a wide array of quality workout supplements and muscle support pills out there. For the most part, they offer effective amino acid and nutrient absorption without the need to mix up a shake or consume extra calories. Look for blends containing ingredients such as L-Arginine and other branched chain amino acids.

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